about purplehearts

purplehearts, real name Mario Mitchell, is an independent artist based out of Springfield, Missouri.

purplehearts is the encapsulation of love, hate and everything in between. From sad music that
will crush your soul, toheavy hitting rock 
anthems, purplehearts is there for you during your highs and your lows.  purplehearts pours his raw emotions into his lyrics, while bringing many different vocal elements into the mix.
Since debuting in January 2016, purplehearts has self-released over 50 songs, including 8 EP's, and over 30 music videos. purplehearts is set to release his first full length album, "Teeth Grinding Nail Biter", on October 28th, 2022.
Mario was born in San Jose, California on July 28th, 1989, and was raised in Poplar Bluff, Missouri throughout his childhood and teenage years. His love for music began at an early age, but especially started to flourish going into his high school years when he started playing guitar. Mario started his first band "citySKYlights" during his senior year of High School in 2008. Mario played guitar and was the main songwriter of this band until the band parted ways in 2009.
Mario continued with his love for music by booking touring bands at local venues, promoting shows in Southeast Missouri, and writing music with various bands until his solo endeavors began in 2015.
After deciding to become a solo artist, Mario began writing music for purplehearts in July of 2015, doing all of the songwriting, lyric writing, and vocal performances. purplehearts recorded his very first single "Love & War" with Springfield, MO producer Kevin W. Gates, and it was released January 14th, 2016, officially marking the debut of purplehearts.